Today I wouldn’t like the fragrance of the ratarani flowers that bloom in the municipal garden. Today I wouldn’t like the twinkling stars in the sky. Today my heart that rejoices and opens up daily will wither and feel shy and will shed some tears like dew drops on a flower.
You will ask, Why? Because today one incident has happened that has not depressed my heart, it has not shaken it … only it has experienced light quiver remembering which I get thrilled — one moment it pleases my mind and another moment I dislike it.
Amar is a close friend of mine and of Sonal. But he is more intimate with Sonal. And it is also true that Sonal will always open her heart and tell me everything! Frankly, I did not understand the affection between me and Amar. And I didn’t care about it. But I always felt that I was drawn to him due to some extraordinary feelings that existed in him. And I could’t stop listening the on going talks from his mouth and wished that they will never stop! And if Sonal happened to come there Amar’s felt so happy.
“Well, ask her what we were talking about,” pointing to me Amar would say to Sonal so that she could take part in the conversations.
Some times Sonal came to Amar first and some times I did. Amar and I were friends. Sonal and Amar were also friends. We all were one another’s friends. As of on the beach of the ocean of friendship were lying three shells and from them came out Amar, Sonal, and I … !
I was beautiful. Amar was handome. Sonal was lovely.
On one morning …
I was late. My heart eager to meet Amar and wanted  to fly to reach him! And at that moment from far I saw Amar andSonal. Amar was slowly slipping his hand on the long lose hair of Sonal. And on Sonal‘s face was delicate, shy smile. How wonderful was this couple! My heart also overflowed with indescribable joy … but the next moment I had such feelings that my eyes became red, my lips tightened, and my walking became unsteady … then I saw another young man looking just like Amar. He must be the handsome brother of Amar. My eyes kept looking at him and my heart danced with joy!
My feet then took me to Sonal and Amar.
“Oh Prema … You are late today?”
“Amar… tomorrow you come late, day after tomorrow Sonal you come late, , and the next day I will come late. How about our being late one by one daily?”
“What is wrong with you, Prema? There is no fun in being late!”
“There is fun only in coming early, right Sonal?
The innocent eyes of Sonal were revealing something but I didn’t understand!
Sonal, Why are you not speaking?” I asked.
But Sonal remained silent.
“Prema… Sonal will not talk. Her heart is of gold, Prema.”
“And my heart is of clay!”
“The bodies of all are of earth, Prema… but God has given to human beings heart, it will be great if it is loving.”
“Amar… your body is handsome but …”
“But Prema, Why are you forgetting that if you would have come earlier I would have opened my heart to you. If you would have come earlier I would have petted your delicate chicks with my fingers. If you would have come earlier I would have lovingly teased you.”
Then Amar struggled to explain to me but I did not understand anything! My affection for Sonal was gone… And I deeply desired to meet Amar’s brother and I left them alone and ran away!
And then I did meet Vimal. He was the younger brother of Amar. He was handsome like Amar. And was funny like Amar — he was just like him. In the company of Vimal I forgot Amar and Sonal!
One morning when I was alone Sonal came to me.
Sonal‘s eyes were glowing. They were brimming with innocence.
“Prema, would you do one thing?”
“I’m busy whole day today.Can you give one message to Amar?
“I will meet him in the evening in the garden.”
But I was going to meet Vimal in the evening in the garden. Then what,,, and the flame of my  burning heart grew stronger! I wanted to take revenge. This Sonal grabbed Amar from me. She planted chinagari in my love. She made the garden of my heart barren! I cunningly said,”Sonal… I will certainly give your message to Amar!”
And then on that morning I immediately went to see Amar. Before I, Amar, and Sonal used to meet one another at this time daily… Then Sonal and Amar used to meet each other and today this will change! I and Amar were going to meet today. Will there be my place in the heart of Amar? He was a faithful lover of Sonal — I could have made him my lover … but Sonal is lucky … but today I would take revenge. I will set fire between their love … today I will tell Amar, “Sonal has sent the message that her father has done her engagement and has requested you to be present in her marriage! And then Amar’s heart will break, it will broke in so many pieces! And he will embrace me. He is like a child — I will console him. I would caress his back gently… and then I and he will meet daily. And Vimal is mine … I will find peace of mind only after seeing Sonal miserable!
Thinking thus I came to Amar’s home. Amar was lying on the floor leisurely, he was in the same form. He was resting his head on one hand and had stretched his legs.
“Prema!?” he was startled and regained his form little while later.
“Amar… I have come to give you the message of Sonal.”
“Prema, tell me the truth. You have not come merely to give the message of Sonal but … I was sure that you will come.”
“Should I give you the message?”
“Oh!” and he arose, and folded his legs and began talking leisurely, “Did you say you have brought the message ofSonal?”
“Yes, message of Sonal!”
“Come near me.”
I slipped near him.
“Come closer.”
I slipped closer to him.
“Tell me the message of my Sonal in my ear.”
At that time I saw that the lobes of his ears had turned red. I tried to tell something in his ear. His shoulder touched me. I began shaking gently… but then he suddenly wrapped his both hands around me and kissed my lips gently. “My Sonal,” his lips murmered. His eyes were full of untold tales that he didn’t tell till today! The ocean of emotions were residing in his lips.
“Amar, Sonal will meet you in the evening in the garden!” while coming much closer to him the words slipped from my mouth, and experiencing shock I immediately moved away from him and ran away!
The whole day I brooded over that incident. His heart was full of love for me… of what form was it I did not understand even this time.
And when I left home in the evening to come to the garden my heart was saddened. I had rejected my lover — in whose heart had still the same love, and to meet his own brother I was coming to the garden! I was jealous of Sonal‘s luck. By the way I was not unfortunate. Vimal must be waiting there eagerly for me, but when I see Amar and Sonal walking together holding each others’ hands, I would not like the flowers of ratarani in the garden, I would not like the open sky, I wouldn’t like even my life!
Saluting Amar mentally and hating Sonal for taking away my lover I reached the garden.
And there I saw a wonderful scene:
Vimal was pointing his finger to the sky and talking about stars to Sonal. Sonal was resting her head on the broad shoulder of Vimal and following his finger was learning about stars. The pleasant light of the moon had turned her face golden.
And at that moment Amar entered the gate of the garden. Sonal slipped to meet Amar… bowing my head with shame I came near Vimal.
“Prema…. how innocent is your sister. I saw all the innocence  of the sky on her face.
“She is not my sister.”
“What do you mean? I thought that you two were sisters.”
“But now we will be sisters.” As Amar and you are brothers we will be two sisters.”
And I ran to Sonal and touched her feet.
Amar’s eyes were glowing.
From my eyes the tears flowed.
And Sonal‘s eyes were cleansing me with her innocence.

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