Keep reading this Blog … And keep smiling !

Keep reading Vihasi Shah’s Blog … And keep smiling!
I received the mail of Vihasi Shah informing me that she had signed up to receive all new posts on the Blog .
And I visited Vihasi’s Blog “Everlasting Smile”.
I was pleasantly surprised to read her poem “I love you the way…”
And I commented: “Wonderful poem!  I’m reminded of Rabindranath Tagore!”
Vihasi’s other posts and my comments:
–Vihasi Shah
Indeed, True writing when every word comes from the heart or has touched the heart is soul-shaking! You are wise to call it a hobby but it CAN become a noble profession also.
And then:
–Girish Parikh
I need an EDITOR!
For now let me correct my mistake:
–Girish Parikh
Response of Vihasi: I hope you will find good editor soon
This is also True:
–Girish Parikh
Commented on Wednesday, February 15, 2017:
About some of your posts I would be writing on my Blog .
From your few posts in English that I have read I see great potential in you!
Please keep writing.
What does your name mean?
–Girish Parikh
The Blog of Vihasi Shah:

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