by Girish Parikh
Nanubhai Naik was born in a farming family in a small village Bhandut near Surat in Gujarat State, India.
In the piece “I Turned Ninety on May 10, 2016” that he wrote, every word has come from his heart. (And the poem of his grandson Sagar in the piece has touched his heart.) Excerpts from the piece:  
“While after the second world war now the world is on the verge of the third world war, from the last ten years I have been remembering Gandhi and writing books about how according to Gandhi’s own thoughts the world of Gandhi’s dream can be realized easily and with non violence.
“Among them is the 700-page book The World of My Dream or the world of Gandhi’s dream which can lead the world to  global humanism through global freedom. (It was originally published in Gujarati, Gandhi’s language, with the title Mara Sapananu Vishva.)
“Looking at my life I am a cattle-grazing son of a farmer living in a remote village on a sea coast. But at the age of seven or eight I learned to recite “Long live Mahatma Gandhi” — those words keep echoing in my mind even now!”

Gandhji had a vision to change the election-based political system for the happiness and peace of all humanity and he wanted to live for 125 years to realize his vision. Unfortunately he was murdered when he was 78. Jaya Prakash Narayan who was devoted to Gandhi thought deeply and outlined ideas about partyless governance but he was getting old. 

Nanubhai Naik, who has been a staunch devotee of Gandhiji and admirer of Jai Prakash from his young age, after study and work of several decades developed the complete draft of the system which is documented in his 700-page monumental work originally written and published in Gujarati, the language of Gandhiji. The masterwork is now available in English, Hindi, and Marathi also.  
It was Swami Vivekananda who said that politics is trash, the only truth is God. Indeed, Nanubhai’s work can help bring truth in politics.
Although some details will change, the premise of the  work of Nanubhai primarily based on the vision of Gandhiji and insights of Jaya Prakash is indeed promising and powerful. And the passion of Nanubhai is so strong. 
THE WORLD OF MY DREAM is encyclopedic work comprising 49 chapters. 
The subjects covered include Thoughts of world’s thinkers on democracy; the way to reach global humanism through global freedom according to Gandhi’s desire; history of the so called democracy; the  people’s real government; The culture of making everyone happy can make the whole world happy; the world is waiting for innovation; change thinking, change country — change country, change world; how can the failed democracy of the world be made successful; the centers of Social Order and their administration; the future of languages; agriculture; environment; education; health; justice system; laws; improvement of the criminals; violence on women, rape, gang rape; budget without taxes; black money; military; the role of media, the fourth estate, in democracy; corruption and how to curb it; who is the real celebrity; terrorism; solution of the Kashmir problem according to Gandhi’s thinking;, the deteriorating condition of the world; and organization of the World Peoples Organization. 
For more information:
Sahitya Sangam, Opp. Pancholi Wadi, Bavasidi, Gopipura, Surat – 395001, Gujarat State, INDIA.
(Girish Parikh is award-winning author and Journalist based in Modesto, California. He has published several books including THE DAY OF GLOOM AND GLORY! about Swami Vivekananda. His latest book is Visionary and his Monumental Work THE WORLD OF MY DREAM: How to Clean the Dirty World of Politics for the Happiness and Peace of All.
 NOTE: Permission is granted to publish, post, and send this Media Release.

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