Girish Parikh is award winning author and journalist based in Modesto, California. Bay Area Gujarati Samaj of California honored him for his works in journalism. Tamtamta Tarla (Twinkling Stars), his book of children’s poems in Gujarati, won Government prize in India. His latest book in Gjujarati is Balgitoma Varta (Stories in Children’s Poems) published by Sahitya Sangam, Surat, India.
He has published 14 books in both Gujarati and English. His books in English include several books on computer software.
His book The Day Of Gloom and Glory! is about Swami Vivekananda. Girish reveals that this book was inspired by Lincoln.

Girish says, “THE FILM OF MY DREAM is VIVEKANANDA of the scale of Richard Attenborough’s film GANDHI”.  In fact, he was inspired by the film GANDHI

Girish has written 200-page screenplay in English for the world class, epic, dramatic, period feature film VIVEKANANDA. He has been looking for a filmmaker to create the film in both English and Hindi.
NOTE: How to pronounce the name:
Pronounce “Gi” like “gi” in “give,” and “rish” should rhyme like “wish.”
Speak “Pa” like “pe” in “pearl,” and “ri” like “ri” in “ritual.” Practice speaking “kh” like “kh” in “Ekhart” or “sikh.” Please keep speaking the last name several times and surely you will get it right.
Now practice the whole name.

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