Girish: What is your plan to promote and distribute world wide the work THE WORLD OF MY DREAM in all editions in the major languages of the world?

Nanubhai: I am an author and a publisher and at present am publishing the book in Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, and English. (Please note that the book was originally written and published in Gujarati, the language of Gandhi.) Now we will place it on website, Facebook, WhatsApp, and will make an ebook. We will also communicate with the big publishers in other languages. Even if the book is not published in other languages, I am convinced that certainly my message will somehow reach through the four languages to the people of the world..


Girish: This project is dear to your heart and you have the passion for it. You have been working on it from so many years. Will you tell about one or two pleasant incidents?

My heart is touched by so many messages that I receive from different places on my birthday wishing success. I treasure those messages. I cannot describe my gratitude in words.

Girish: Did you ever get discouraged while working on this project? If you were discouraged how did you keep on working?

Nanubhai: Many incidents before India became independent and what happened after that upset me, and so I wrote several books on politics. I have discussed the conditions in the country and in the rest of the world. Being a publisher myself I have no difficulty in publishing my books. This work has been very expensive, and the family members of my three generations, if they wish, can comment on it.

Today while my fourth generation has started attending kindergarten, our big family lives in one home and dines together. And all my family members respect me. My elder son Janakbhai discusses my books in detail in his two magazines. My younger son Kiritbhai also appreciates my works. He read every line of the original Gujarati edition of THE WORLD OF MY DREAMS and predicted, “Bapa (Dad), your book will certainly change the world in the future.”

Janakbhai’s son Chetan manages my publishing company ‘Sahitya Sangam’ at present. He has placed my large portrait behind his chair — he bows down before the portrait and then sits in his chair.

From the last 10 years I have been paying to one translator in English; two translators in Marathi; and for composing, proof reading, etc. five female workers who are like my sisters. During the ten years the workers who typeset my writings corrected proofs seven times. They some times get irritated but ask with a smile, Bapa, how many times we will have to read the proofs now? They have done the boring work of correcting the proofs of the same writings with pleasure. And Kaushikbhai, the artist, who has designed the covers of all my books have also worked equally hard. And the printing of all books have cost hundreds of thousand of rupees.

Chintan purchases best paper, and makes sure that the books are printed in a reputable press, and the binding and other aspects of the production of the books are of high quality.

Kiritbhai’s son Sagar sent the following poem from America on my birthday:


There is a quality about you  

That touches me deep in my heart.

This quality is so special

It sets you quite apart.

Your special and loving way

So much you give to others.

You have so many good qualities in you I see

I don’t see in other Grand Fathers.

I truly am so thankful BAPA

For what in you I see.

I hope someday my children

See the same things in me.

Among the members of our family in our home are two elder daughters-in-law and two younger ones. Ours is a joint family and we don’t have any difficulty. We are enjoying the benefits of  a joint family, so even if we face external difficulty, we work together and easily overcome it.


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