Indeed, Gandhi was extremely dissatisfied with the parliamentary system of the world. After reading Ruskin’s book ‘Unto the Last,’ he started rethinking about the governance of a country (Shasanvyavastha), and he recorded his thoughts in his book ‘Hind Swaraj.’As he began understanding the thoughts of the thinkers of the whole world, he thought to change the system of governance. He expressed his desire to live for 125 years to prepare the plan for such change. But he was murdered when he was 79. If he had lived longer he would have presented his plan for changing the system.
Jay Prakash did understand well Gandhi’s thoughts as he was also striving to make all people of the country happy. He also expressed his thoughts for establishing true independence (Swaraj) in the entire country. But he became fully aware about it at an advanced age. His final conclusion was: In an election system based on parties money will play prime role and so cunning and selfish people will grab power. And not all elected persons will have participation in it.

From the persons in the election elected from two-three or four-five parties, the party that has majority of votes will assume power. Among them also there will be two or three main leaders and the governance will be done according to what they say. Others will only raise fingers and accept what they say. They will only pocket the sweet(?) fruits of power! Jay Prakash gave examples of Jawahar and Churchill, then Prime Ministers, and said that in the elections based on parties the result will be that the politicians like them will rule the country as if it belonged to them! So he concluded that only a party-less government can make the country happy. He wanted to give a detailed plan according to Gandhi’s thoughts about how a party-less government can become possible, and how should it be governed.

But Jay Prakash had become old, and Indira Feroz, the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, then Prime Minister of India, the so called democracy,had imprisoned him where he passed away.

Like Gandhi-Jay Prakash I have also contemplated for so many years  about how to put their ideas in practice. I have deeply thought from different angles to organize their ideas according to Lincoln’s definition of democracy.

In the very beginning I thought: If people are going to govern, whom will they govern?

In fact, how can one govern the other? So I thought: Are we going to govern? We are going to manage the country. So I gave the election system in which people themselves will elect the administrators considering them to be good people. This election system will not cost anything and will not need the circus of election campaign! Still the question remains: What is the guarantee that the elected members will remain good all the time? There is no assurance that a person is good and even if he or she is good, will remain so in the future.
And the administrators are of two kinds: Appointed, and elected. In the party-based elections, these both kinds of administrators become very corrupt. To prevent them from becoming corrupt, after much thought I have given detailed description of the heavy punishments. I have also provided ways to stop them if they are already engaged in corruption.
Today 90% people of entire India and the world are tired of the present system of governance. Among them the people of America are extremely fed up.
And that is why —
Kirk Petric of the Cornell University in America instigated movement in 1958 against the thought of the so called American progress.
In 1995 he publicly bet with an American called Kevin Kelly that by 2020 there will be a war between the poor and the rich, the environment of the world will be deteriorated and there will be third world war.
Texan Republican senator Ted Cruz proclaimed in the Values Water Conference held in Washington, ‘We are approaching to the end point. Friends, we don’t have much time now to change our situation. We are rushing to the ditch of destruction. If we do not find a way out within ten to twelve years, we will not be saved.’ 
That is why I believe that there is no other way but to make profound changes in the present democracy as soon as possible. So I have given the detailed document to change the system and establish noble organization. It assures that the system can be definitely changed without violence according to the ideas of Gandhi and with the cooperation of all, and I have full faith that it will be done.

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