Girish: Lincoln said: “Democracy means ‘Government of the people, for the people, by the pepole.’ ” How can India and America collaborate to establish governance of a country according to the ideas of Lincoln, Gandhi, Jay Prakash, and yours?
Nanubhai: First point. Governance at present involves power. Of course when Lincoln said, ‘Of the people, for the people and by the people,’ he thought that people should have all the power. But not all people can participate in administration, so people select good persons and appoint them with good salaries to manage the country. It will then be people’s government.
But Darwin said that man has improved only five percent. And Freud said that man has not improved five percent, he has improved only two percent! Thus man is selfish, cunning, and degenerated. So the persons whom we pay salaries — those employees have become our bosses and we have become their servants. As a result two to three hundred kings from the world have gone and five to twenty five thousand kings are produced.
Now about Gandhi and Jay Prakash. Gandhi was profoundly upset when he saw in his very presence the corruption of the elected members of Congress in 1937 in the organizations of Sthanik Swaraj. Vinoba also said when he saw the corruption of the members of Congress in the presence of Gandhi that he would bury himself in ground if it accepted him.
Even after the Independence Day of India on august 15, 1947 when Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister big scandals of corruption had started. So Gandhi decided to disperse Congress. He wrote that Congress should be directed to do beneficial works for people and should not engage in power. Pyarelal, his secretary, called it the last will of Gandhi. He wrote his last will before he could direct Congress to follow the path of Loksevak Sangha (Organization to serve People). On the very ext day he was murdered.

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