Girish: How can the dream of Lincoln and yours be realized in Lincoln’s America?
Nanubhai: I had some hope for Obama because he was raised by his grand mother who lived in a slum and was poor like many black people. I dedicated my book Yes, We Can, But Why We Cannot? And How We Can!, specially written for him, to him thus: “Dedicated to the man entering into the White House after 221 years in history of American democracy; Gandhi’s disciple – Mr. Obama, the follower of Gandhian Thought, Late Dr. Martin Luther King and all the white and black people of America” – Nanubhai Naik”.
But Obama has behaved just like many politicians of the world who enter into politics by quoting Gandhi and Marx and Socrates, etc. and then robe the people and promote themselves.
When one’s own persons betray the helplessness and pain of the people are terrible. Today while the black people of America are suffering from hunger, Obama is plotting to retire, move in ultra luxurious eight-bedroom residence, and earn millions by giving speeches.
But …
There is a saying in Gujarat: When a cat is starving it will attack by grabbing the neck of a dog! Now many Syria’s are in the world and another Syria can be in America soon! But there are still intelligent white people in America. If they understand THE WORLD OF MY DREAM then they will be able to appease America quickly.
Because most of the white and black Americans are waiting for such revolution. So I have a conviction that if some wise Americans arise, then the whole America will follow to establish Social Order described by Gandhi for the happiness of all, and thus Gandhi will be born again through his words in the world.

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