Girish: You are deeply interested in politics and have written books on that subject. What are your thoughts regarding the Presidential election of 2016 in America?

Nanubhai:  In the American democracy the White Americans have always upper hand. So when Mr. Obama decided to enter the Presidential election it became exciting. Obama used to promote himself by chanting the slogan of Martin Luther King, ‘Yes, we can!’ At that time the opponent of Obama was Mr. Mitt Romney.
Obama campaigned displaying the poster inscribed with the inspiring words ‘Yes, we can’ but he was scared about one big problem. Obama’s father was a Muslim, and Obama was known as Barak Hussain Obama. He was afraid that as his father was a Muslim, he will not get enough votes from the white Americans.
But my opinion was a little different. Even in America democracy was, and still is, in name only. Indeed, there is no democracy which was defined by Lincoln thus: Of the people, for the people and by the people. Among the rulers in America there were never common people and even today it is so. In the politics of America the two parties fight with one another and one party gets elected. Other small parties are rarely able to form the government.
Until today only ten to fifteen families and their successors have enjoyed power in America. There is no limit how much one can spend in elections. So by spending huge amounts of money, and by using media, elections are fought with the help of corporations, and one who wins rules. Most of the times ten to fifteen rich and influential persons and their successors have so far enjoyed power in America.
When Obama entered the election I wrote the 300-page book titled Yes We Can, But Why We Cannot? and How We Can! focused on only American politics, and I wished him well. Unfortunately Obama also became ineffective like other politicians of the world. and the irony is that he entered the White House with a big portrait of Gandhi in his hands, and chanting the slogans ‘Yes, we can!’ and ‘I will do.’  But Obama has not reduced at all, on the contrary increased little bit the poor condition of African Americans brought about by the white Presidents. Now he is running around with Michelle Obama to take selfie and for photo opportunities.
Trump is of course unabashed seasoned politician and a staunch capitalist. In the Presidential election in 2016 the completion is between Trump and Hillary. Looking at the openly done sex scandal by Bill Clinton right in the office of the American president, Hillary Clinton wept bitterly. But to become the President of America after Obama, Hillary knew that she would need the support of her husband, so angered Hillary acted as if nothing has happened and continued her married life. If she gets elected America will still be without an effective President.

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