Girish: In the conclusion of the piece ‘I turned ninety on May 10, 2016,’ you have written:”With such inspiring cooperation of all of you I have a strong conviction that the dream of global humanism cherished by Gandhi will be certainly realized.”

Please tell in detail when and how your dream will be realized?
Nanubhai: Today the people of the world are waiting for the birth of second Gandhi.
The rulers of the world whether they are of the political system of democracy, dictatorship, communism, socialism, or of any other kind have robed the people by brainwashing or by repressing them. Among the seven billion people of the world about one and a one half billion are not even able to get enough food two times a day. Another three and one half billion people have to labor ten hours a day to get two meals a day. And another one billion middle-class people are now tired. The industrialists, politicians, middlemen, intellectuals, administrators have come together and have made people all over the world weaklings.
The people are waiting for the birth of a Gandhi, a Martin Luther King, a Nelson Mandela. But Gandhi or King or Mandela will not be born. So today if there is someone like Anna millions of people will rush to support him.
But no one is able to give a blue print for changing the whole system,so people get disappointed. If without violence and with the cooperation of all, some one works quickly to relieve the people even little bit, billions of people in the world will come forward to give him or her support and to follow. I feel that with THE WORLD OF MY DREAM if even hundred or two hundred people come forward, the non-violent movement will spread quickly.

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