To the people of the entire world, who are willing to have revolutions, I have to tell them that despite of peaceful revolutions and thereby removing the power-crazy persons, who will take the helm of the power, this is to be thought of: Unless we find certain type of right governance system, we will repeat the same mistake of removing one master or a mistress by replacing with a similar one, to hit on our head.”
                                                                 –Mahatma Gandhi
“Democracy means ‘Governance of the people, for the people, by the people’
                                                                 –Abraham Lincoln
The monumental work THE WORLD OF MY DREAM is Gandhi’s dream, humbly says its author Nanubhai Naik.
And I would add: It is Lincoln’s dream also!
Nanubhai has been studying Gandhi’s political life for decades. He also studied the lives of great personalities such as Jay Prakash Narayan, Abraham Lincoln, Maxim Gorky, Socrates, Vinoba Bhave, Mazzini, Karl Marx, Thoreau and of course Swami Vivekananda.
Inspired primarily by Gandhi, Nanbhai is the first author to present the blue print for changing the entire political system in the world for the happiness and peace of ALL. This writer is convinced that Nanubhai’s 700-page work THE WORLD OF MY DREAM is destined to be the catalyst for establishing new Social Order.
THE WORLD OF MY DREAM is encyclopedic work comprising 49 chapters. The subjects covered include Thoughts of world’s thinkers on democracy; the way to reach global humanism through global freedom according to Gandhi’s desire; history of the so called democracy; the  people’s real government; The culture of making everyone happy can make the whole world happy; the world is waiting for innovation; change thinking, change country — change country, change world; how can the failed democracy of the world be made successful; the centers of Social Order and their administration; the future of languages; agriculture; environment; education; health; justice system; laws; improvement of the criminals; violence on women, rape, gang rape; budget without taxes; black money; military; the role of media, the fourth estate, in democracy; corruption and how to curb it; who is the real celebrity; terrorism; solution of the Kashmir problem according to Gandhi’s thinking; the deteriorating condition of the world; and organization of the World Peoples Organization.
The book should reach to the citizens of the whole world. It deserves serious ongoing study even if you do not agree with some of its content.
Yes, there has to be a better way in the world of politics — and THE WORLD OF MY DREAM can be the catalyst in changing the entire system of the world for the happiness of all!
Indeed, Nanubhai Naik has the passion for THE WORLD OF MY DREAM and a reader with conscience will certainly feel it.
Gandhi wanted to live for 125 years to realize his dream among other things. I pray that Nanubhai Naik will live healthy, peaceful and productive life for 125 years and realize THE WORLD OF MY DREAM.

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