About Nanubhai Naik: 2 of 2

I liked Nanubhhai  Naik’s  Gujarati book “Magan Monana Naniani Dastane Kefiyat,” among others, very much. Have translated from the excellent writing of Sri Bhagawatikumar Sharma from the back cover.
Bhagawatikumar Sharma has blessed the original Gujarati book MARA SAPANANU VISHWA (THE WORLD OF MY DREAM.) He gives the glimpses of the phenomenal life of Nanubapa:
Several decades ago he was ‘Nanubhai Naik’ for me. Then he was called ‘uncle Nanubhai’ by my children. And today he is “Nanubapa’ or simply ‘Bapa’ (meaning Father) for many like me. I have been a witness of Nanubapa’s life and works.
In 1955 I saw him in half khakhi pent composing type in a small press on a street in Surat. Today he is the owner of two publishing houses in the city.
Nanubapa was born in a middle-class farming family in Bhandut, a small village in South Gujarat, India. Indeed, his progress of becoming the head of a publishing empire is like a fairy tale! And the key to his success is his goal-oriented work and his venturing nature. He has achieved the unique harmony of wealth and learning.
Of course the basic nature of Nanubapa is that of an author and a journalist. He has published a variety of periodicals, and wrote some of them single-handed.
Then he turned to book publishing. The publication of religious literature proved to be fortunate for him. Even today his religious publications are cash cows for him.
‘Sahitya Sangam’ and ‘Sahitya Sankul’ are his publishing companies. Through them he has published quality books in quantity. There also his venturing nature is evident. He also publishes large volume of poetry, and when the challenge of publishing “Narmakosh” come up, he immediately accepted it.
Nanubapa is a good novelist. I consider his novel ‘Pran Jago re’ (Awake, O soul) his best novel even today. In his novels “Suratna Dhulia Mahallama’ (In the Dusty Street of Surat), and “Oh ! India’ we experience the coexistence of a novelist and a journalist.
The life of Nanubapa is versatile, and his nature is noble and generous. He should write his autobiography as soon as possible.
Above all are the desirable human qualities of Nanubapa. In spite of having so much wealth, the human being in him has been generous, noble and humble. In his existence the sweet smell of the earth of his birth-village Bhandut has not yet faded. Today he has become one with the soil of his wide land, trees and plants, fruits and flowers, but Bhandut is alive in his memory.
And books and leaves are his sons like Janak and Kirit. In their company Nanubapa has become a  Vatavruksha (like a large bunyan tree with many branches.)
                                                      –Bhagawatikumar Sharma

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