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જુલાઇ 30, 2016

Girish: Please describe THE WORLD OF MY DREAM in one sentence.

Nanubhai: THE WORLD OF MY DREAM will make the whole world heaven of happiness.
Girish: In the modern democracy there are so many bad things. Are there any good things in it?
Nanubhai: Bad things in the modern democracy are unlimited! But one can speak out about the good and bad works done by those in power. Indeed, those in power ignore them. But people can oppose those in power by speaking out. This freedom of speech is used by few persons. But one day there will be hundreds of thousands, then millions, and then billions who will speak out.
Girish: Gandhi was an admirer of Swami Vivekananda, and was devoted to his Guru Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa. On the spine of THE WORLD OF MY DREAM you have imprinted the picture of Swami Vivekananda in color. You do not believe in God. Then how can Swami Vivekananda inspire you to realize your dream?
Nanubhai: Swami Vivekananda was an incarnation of compassion. He inspired the youth of India to change the world. His goal was also to make every human being happy. And Gandhi had the same goal, and it is also mine. Indeed, I was inspired by Swami Vivekananda and Gandhi.


જુલાઇ 29, 2016

Girish: What is your plan to promote and distribute world wide the work THE WORLD OF MY DREAM in all editions in the major languages of the world?

Nanubhai: I am an author and a publisher and at present am publishing the book in Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, and English. (Please note that the book was originally written and published in Gujarati, the language of Gandhi.) Now we will place it on website, Facebook, WhatsApp, and will make an ebook. We will also communicate with the big publishers in other languages. Even if the book is not published in other languages, I am convinced that certainly my message will somehow reach through the four languages to the people of the world..


Girish: This project is dear to your heart and you have the passion for it. You have been working on it from so many years. Will you tell about one or two pleasant incidents?

My heart is touched by so many messages that I receive from different places on my birthday wishing success. I treasure those messages. I cannot describe my gratitude in words.

Girish: Did you ever get discouraged while working on this project? If you were discouraged how did you keep on working?

Nanubhai: Many incidents before India became independent and what happened after that upset me, and so I wrote several books on politics. I have discussed the conditions in the country and in the rest of the world. Being a publisher myself I have no difficulty in publishing my books. This work has been very expensive, and the family members of my three generations, if they wish, can comment on it.

Today while my fourth generation has started attending kindergarten, our big family lives in one home and dines together. And all my family members respect me. My elder son Janakbhai discusses my books in detail in his two magazines. My younger son Kiritbhai also appreciates my works. He read every line of the original Gujarati edition of THE WORLD OF MY DREAMS and predicted, “Bapa (Dad), your book will certainly change the world in the future.”

Janakbhai’s son Chetan manages my publishing company ‘Sahitya Sangam’ at present. He has placed my large portrait behind his chair — he bows down before the portrait and then sits in his chair.

From the last 10 years I have been paying to one translator in English; two translators in Marathi; and for composing, proof reading, etc. five female workers who are like my sisters. During the ten years the workers who typeset my writings corrected proofs seven times. They some times get irritated but ask with a smile, Bapa, how many times we will have to read the proofs now? They have done the boring work of correcting the proofs of the same writings with pleasure. And Kaushikbhai, the artist, who has designed the covers of all my books have also worked equally hard. And the printing of all books have cost hundreds of thousand of rupees.

Chintan purchases best paper, and makes sure that the books are printed in a reputable press, and the binding and other aspects of the production of the books are of high quality.

Kiritbhai’s son Sagar sent the following poem from America on my birthday:


There is a quality about you  

That touches me deep in my heart.

This quality is so special

It sets you quite apart.

Your special and loving way

So much you give to others.

You have so many good qualities in you I see

I don’t see in other Grand Fathers.

I truly am so thankful BAPA

For what in you I see.

I hope someday my children

See the same things in me.

Among the members of our family in our home are two elder daughters-in-law and two younger ones. Ours is a joint family and we don’t have any difficulty. We are enjoying the benefits of  a joint family, so even if we face external difficulty, we work together and easily overcome it.


જુલાઇ 28, 2016
Indeed, Gandhi was extremely dissatisfied with the parliamentary system of the world. After reading Ruskin’s book ‘Unto the Last,’ he started rethinking about the governance of a country (Shasanvyavastha), and he recorded his thoughts in his book ‘Hind Swaraj.’As he began understanding the thoughts of the thinkers of the whole world, he thought to change the system of governance. He expressed his desire to live for 125 years to prepare the plan for such change. But he was murdered when he was 79. If he had lived longer he would have presented his plan for changing the system.
Jay Prakash did understand well Gandhi’s thoughts as he was also striving to make all people of the country happy. He also expressed his thoughts for establishing true independence (Swaraj) in the entire country. But he became fully aware about it at an advanced age. His final conclusion was: In an election system based on parties money will play prime role and so cunning and selfish people will grab power. And not all elected persons will have participation in it.

From the persons in the election elected from two-three or four-five parties, the party that has majority of votes will assume power. Among them also there will be two or three main leaders and the governance will be done according to what they say. Others will only raise fingers and accept what they say. They will only pocket the sweet(?) fruits of power! Jay Prakash gave examples of Jawahar and Churchill, then Prime Ministers, and said that in the elections based on parties the result will be that the politicians like them will rule the country as if it belonged to them! So he concluded that only a party-less government can make the country happy. He wanted to give a detailed plan according to Gandhi’s thoughts about how a party-less government can become possible, and how should it be governed.

But Jay Prakash had become old, and Indira Feroz, the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, then Prime Minister of India, the so called democracy,had imprisoned him where he passed away.

Like Gandhi-Jay Prakash I have also contemplated for so many years  about how to put their ideas in practice. I have deeply thought from different angles to organize their ideas according to Lincoln’s definition of democracy.

In the very beginning I thought: If people are going to govern, whom will they govern?

In fact, how can one govern the other? So I thought: Are we going to govern? We are going to manage the country. So I gave the election system in which people themselves will elect the administrators considering them to be good people. This election system will not cost anything and will not need the circus of election campaign! Still the question remains: What is the guarantee that the elected members will remain good all the time? There is no assurance that a person is good and even if he or she is good, will remain so in the future.
And the administrators are of two kinds: Appointed, and elected. In the party-based elections, these both kinds of administrators become very corrupt. To prevent them from becoming corrupt, after much thought I have given detailed description of the heavy punishments. I have also provided ways to stop them if they are already engaged in corruption.
Today 90% people of entire India and the world are tired of the present system of governance. Among them the people of America are extremely fed up.
And that is why —
Kirk Petric of the Cornell University in America instigated movement in 1958 against the thought of the so called American progress.
In 1995 he publicly bet with an American called Kevin Kelly that by 2020 there will be a war between the poor and the rich, the environment of the world will be deteriorated and there will be third world war.
Texan Republican senator Ted Cruz proclaimed in the Values Water Conference held in Washington, ‘We are approaching to the end point. Friends, we don’t have much time now to change our situation. We are rushing to the ditch of destruction. If we do not find a way out within ten to twelve years, we will not be saved.’ 
That is why I believe that there is no other way but to make profound changes in the present democracy as soon as possible. So I have given the detailed document to change the system and establish noble organization. It assures that the system can be definitely changed without violence according to the ideas of Gandhi and with the cooperation of all, and I have full faith that it will be done.


જુલાઇ 27, 2016
Girish: Lincoln said: “Democracy means ‘Government of the people, for the people, by the pepole.’ ” How can India and America collaborate to establish governance of a country according to the ideas of Lincoln, Gandhi, Jay Prakash, and yours?
Nanubhai: First point. Governance at present involves power. Of course when Lincoln said, ‘Of the people, for the people and by the people,’ he thought that people should have all the power. But not all people can participate in administration, so people select good persons and appoint them with good salaries to manage the country. It will then be people’s government.
But Darwin said that man has improved only five percent. And Freud said that man has not improved five percent, he has improved only two percent! Thus man is selfish, cunning, and degenerated. So the persons whom we pay salaries — those employees have become our bosses and we have become their servants. As a result two to three hundred kings from the world have gone and five to twenty five thousand kings are produced.
Now about Gandhi and Jay Prakash. Gandhi was profoundly upset when he saw in his very presence the corruption of the elected members of Congress in 1937 in the organizations of Sthanik Swaraj. Vinoba also said when he saw the corruption of the members of Congress in the presence of Gandhi that he would bury himself in ground if it accepted him.
Even after the Independence Day of India on august 15, 1947 when Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister big scandals of corruption had started. So Gandhi decided to disperse Congress. He wrote that Congress should be directed to do beneficial works for people and should not engage in power. Pyarelal, his secretary, called it the last will of Gandhi. He wrote his last will before he could direct Congress to follow the path of Loksevak Sangha (Organization to serve People). On the very ext day he was murdered.


જુલાઇ 25, 2016
Girish: Swami Vivekananda said that politics is trash, the only truth is God. How can the life of Gandhi inspire to bring truth in politics? And is it possible to bring truth in politics? It seems impossible, how can it be made possible?  
Nanubhai: It is true that politics is trash as Swami Vivekananda said. Gandhi also believed so. And that is why he called the Parliament a barren prostitute! Sushama Swaraj, the foreign secretary of India, said the same thing in different words: In politics there is no permanent friend or permanent enemy. The politicians change parties for self-interest.
In Gujarat, one who is cunning, liar, expert in breaking relationships, and extremely selfish is considered to be a smart politician!
Indeed, both Vivekananda and Gandhi said that God is the only truth. But the way we interpret is not correct. Romain Rolland was also uncomfortable with the chanting of Gandhi about God. So he visited Gandhi and asked him the first question: What is the form of God that you keep talking about? Gandhi replied that there is no form of my God. My God is truth. And the happiness of the outcast and the poor is my truth. And that is my God.
Vivekananda has also often said the same thing. Finally he said that the youth will come forward for the progress of the country according to my ideas, to make the improvements that I would like to make, and to implement the organization that I have envisioned. I may not be successful to realize the goal for which I have dedicated my life, but I have a conviction that even after my passing away the youth of the country will certainly finish my unfinished work.
Not only that, he also expressed, jut like Gandhi, his deep pain as nobody was thinking about the poor and miserable people of the country. Grains that sustain lives are produced by their labor. Who is in our country who has sympathy for them and would share their joys and sorrows. O youth of the country! Arise and wake up the world.
Today the condition of the country and the world is even worse than what Vivekananda and Gandhi described. The youth is in a critical situation. So they will carry on the further progress of changing the organization of the entire society according to Gandhi’s ideas described in THE WORLD OF MY DREAM.

ચુંટાયા પછી … ! (૨) (ચતુર્શબ્દ મુક્તક)

જુલાઇ 24, 2016

ભરવાનું … !

ચુંટાયા પછી … ! (૧) (ચતુર્શબ્દ મુક્તક)

જુલાઇ 24, 2016

કર્યું … !

થયું … !!

ચૂંટણી પહેલાં … ! (ચતુર્શબ્દ મુક્તક)

જુલાઇ 24, 2016

કરીશું … !
કરીશું … !!

+ગિરીશ ઈન્વેસ્ટીંગ ટ્રેડીંગઃ નવે ૨૭, ૧૫ USG Options

જુલાઇ 23, 2016

નવેમ્બર ૨૭, ૨૦૧૫ના રોજ USGનાં ડીસેમ્બર ૧૮, ૧૫ (એક્સપીરેશન ડેઈટ)નાં ૨૪ સ્ટ્રાઈક પ્રાઈસનાં .૬૪ના ભાવે પુટ ઓપ્શન વેચ્યાં.
ડીસેમ્બર ૧૫, ૨૦૧૫ના રોજ .૫૫ના ભાવે ઓપ્શન કવર કર્યાં. ૧૮ દિવસમાં ઓપ્શન દીઠ નફો .૦૯ એટલે .૩૮% એન્યુલાઈઝ્ડઃ ૭.૬%.


જુલાઇ 23, 2016
Girish: How can the dream of Lincoln and yours be realized in Lincoln’s America?
Nanubhai: I had some hope for Obama because he was raised by his grand mother who lived in a slum and was poor like many black people. I dedicated my book Yes, We Can, But Why We Cannot? And How We Can!, specially written for him, to him thus: “Dedicated to the man entering into the White House after 221 years in history of American democracy; Gandhi’s disciple – Mr. Obama, the follower of Gandhian Thought, Late Dr. Martin Luther King and all the white and black people of America” – Nanubhai Naik”.
But Obama has behaved just like many politicians of the world who enter into politics by quoting Gandhi and Marx and Socrates, etc. and then robe the people and promote themselves.
When one’s own persons betray the helplessness and pain of the people are terrible. Today while the black people of America are suffering from hunger, Obama is plotting to retire, move in ultra luxurious eight-bedroom residence, and earn millions by giving speeches.
But …
There is a saying in Gujarat: When a cat is starving it will attack by grabbing the neck of a dog! Now many Syria’s are in the world and another Syria can be in America soon! But there are still intelligent white people in America. If they understand THE WORLD OF MY DREAM then they will be able to appease America quickly.
Because most of the white and black Americans are waiting for such revolution. So I have a conviction that if some wise Americans arise, then the whole America will follow to establish Social Order described by Gandhi for the happiness of all, and thus Gandhi will be born again through his words in the world.