The Story of Ramalala

Let me tell the story of child Rama called Ramalala. It is a true story.

There once lived a great saint in a temple in Dakshineswar near Kolkata. His name: Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa. I will tell you one of the exciting incidents from his life. 
During several years of spiritual sadhanas of Sri RamaKrishna in Dakshineswar (near Kolkata) there once came a sadhu named Jatadhari. He was a great devotee of Sri Rama.  His chosen ideal — Ishtadeva — was child Rama. He worshiped Him in a metal murti of child Rama which he called Ramalala. He was so much absorbed in the devotion to Sri Rama that he actually saw Him in the image. 
He used to feed Ramalala, played with him, and put him to sleep at night. Jatadhari had not talked with anyone about his continuing divine darshan of child Rama.
But Sri RamaKrishna found out that Jatadhari was not an ordinary sadhu. He was actually seeing Sri Rama in the murti of Ramalala. Sri RamaKrishna requested Jatadhari to live in Dakshineswar for some days. And Sri RamaKrishna started watching for hours Jatadhari’s worship, that is puja, of Ramalala. He started calling Jatadhari, “Babaji.”
Jatadhari, a life long devotee of Rama, used to get food by begging and offered it to Ramalala. He saw with his own eyes that Ramalala was eating prasad. Like a spoiled child Ramalala some times demanded certain thing.
After living several days in Dakshineswar, Jatadhari came to Sri RamaKrishna and said: Ramalala has told me that He is pleased with my service, and He wants to live here in Dakshineswar. Jatadhari then gave the murti of Ramalala to Sri RamaKrishna and went away. 

How would you like if Ramalala came to you and played with you? Being a child he may be naughty some times but I am sure you will love the company of Ramalala.

Days passed and Sri RamaKrishna also felt wonderful attraction for Ramalala.He also started seeing with his own eyes the childhood form of Rama. Ramalala was happy while Sri RamaKrishna was with him, but as soon as he went out, Ramalala followed him. At first Sri RamaKrishna thought that it must be his imagination, but it happened again and again. He started seeing Ramalala playing and jumping. When Ramalala ran in the sun, he shouted, “Don’t go out; you will get pimples on your feet.” If Ramalala stayed long time in the Ganges, Sri RamaKrishna warned, “Don’t stay in the water too long, you will catch cold.” But naughty Ramalala wouldn’t stop. He made faces! Sri RamaKrishna some times used to lose temper and shout, “I will spank you!” Then he used to pull out Ramalala from the water, and softly slap on His cheek. But when Sri RamaKrishna used to see the red cheek of Ramalala, and His face almost crying, Sri RamaKrishna also suffered pain.
Jatadhari inspired Sri RamaKrishna to enjoy the bliss of vatsyalya bhava — the love of God as a father or mother. Thus Sri RamaKrishna did sadhana through vatsalya bhava and realized the God in the form of Child Rama.   
Later on when Sri RamaKrishna described his intense experince with Ramalala to his disciples and devotees, tears rolled from his eyes.
Well, Sri RamaKrishna was the guru of Swami Vivekananda. Sri RamaKrishna; Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, His divine companion; and Swami Vivekananda are known as the Holy Trio.
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ખાસ સૂચનાઃ મારા આ બ્લોગ તથા અન્ય બ્લોગો/વેબ સાઈટો પર પોસ્ટ થતાં મારાં લખાણોની લીંક તમે મોકલી શકો છો કે આપી શકો છો, પણ કોપી પેસ્ટ કરીને મોકલશો નહીં કે એમનો એ રીતે ઉપયોગ કરશો નહીં.
(આ તથા મારાં અન્ય લખાણો અંગે આપના વિચારો જાણવા આતુર છું. પ્રતિભાવ જરૂર મોકલતા રહેશો.)
Copyright (c) 2010 by Girish Parikh.
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